Fly with Angels Swim with Dolphins Big Island of Hawaii faith

is Hawai'ian for
Alo:  "in the presence of" 
Ha:  "the divine breath of life"

" I believe once we learn; that the same water we drink and swim with dolphins in today, 
is the same water that CAME with the Earth and that it is the ONLY water Earth will EVER have, we will never forget it.
"Wonder what famous AVATAR you are drinking today?"
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Your Enlightenment Tour Guide to Hawaii and Yourself!
Discover your divine self. The Goddess is alive and living in Puna. 
Be embraced by Angels, Aumakua and dolphins, turtles and whales a Paradise of Soul. 
We strive to transcend secular behavior and to embrace all Faiths, Religions, Traditions and Practices.

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biggest waves and worst wipeouts video 
Mai ho'o kino ino, ho'o kino pono! 
"Lend not your power to the negative. Create only peace.." 

2009 VIDEO Faith's Neighborhood
The Big Island of Hawaii, Puna Coast, Pele.

-grandma pete

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Faith of 2angels Speak! Instant School of Enlightenment Faith, Faith of  FREE+TRIP! Faith
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A little Hawaiian music? Live Online?

Kahu Lanakilakahuokalani (Lanakila) Brandt was born on July 15, 1924 in Honolulu, Hawaii and died December 2, 2005 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Pu uhonua o Honaunau the main Heiau (Hawai'ian Temple) the day Auntie Faith was ordained Kahu (Kahuna) Faith Pau´ lele .The Kahu  named me Pau lele. Lele; to take flight. Pau lele; to trust in. "One worthy of implicit trust, confidence and faith."  Kahuna means "Priest"

Faith Pau'lele Today

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 If you have come for the nightlife 'honolulu' 'waikiki' this is the wrong island the big island of hawaii is very, v-e-r-y "hawai'i time" and has, the volcano, the rainforests, the world observatories, The Doorway to the Gods, The Sacred Healing Triangle, The Place of Refuge. Kona. Puna. Hilo and auntie+faith  We swim with dolphins, wild and free dolphins, in Hawaii. Swimming with dolphins is a transcendental experience. Dolphins are telepathic, tantric beings. Dolphins choose whom they will swim with, these special and sometimes silly dolphin beings, whom the Hawaiians call heart-beings. 
Spiritual Retreats on both the Kona and Puna Coast’s of the Big Island of Hawaii are our specialty, but we have many other offerings. 
The Hawaiians call the dolphins "heart beings, not of this world."


The Stained Glass Windows of All Saints (watch for the series) 


Starting with Angels

Everything I do ends in wild and free Dolphins

 "If the Angel decides to come it will be because you have convinced her, 
not by tears but by your humble resolve to be always beginning; to be a beginner." 
Rainer Maria Rilke 

Client Testimonials...

"Everything is new and exciting. I enjoy adventures... personal snorkeling trainer and tour guide... warm companionship from knowledgeable people such that all my adventures are safe with NO worries at all. Faith Pau'lele is wonderful. She’s a very, very considerate person."
 --Dolly Chu  China  "Just Dolphins!" Retreat

"Faith is a joy and an inspiration- a true spiritual leader- she not only led me to the waters edge but to the edge of my own self-awareness."
 --Joel Weinmen, B.C.

"Faith has lot’s of love, she took the time to explain things... no rushing." 
--Shayla Taylor, NASA

"Faith is Fantastic. Very patient... very knowledgeable... GREAT stories!"
 -- Hugh Chapman, Vancouver, Canada

"I hope to return in the future!" 
--Eric Hall, Chesterfield, MO's Google page rank is 4
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of active interference going on... so it's gone!

Pu'olo waimaka a ke aloha. "Tears are bundles of love."


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