Hawaiian Healing Retreats Ceremonies

"The Ceremonies were the best and most beautiful Part."

Pule OO

Just a small sample of some of the ceremonies we are prepared to perform for your highest good. Many more are available to us to use if we feel the need. We will use whatever ceremonies we feel necessary to free up your energy and give you a chance to change -sometimes- lifetimes worth of old patterns.


Reveal your hearts desires, receive divine inspiration and guidance, experience your personal soul group in ways you never thought possible. Bring them fully in and take them home with you.


These exercises help you to begin to see and hear on the etheric. Learn very fast and efficient ways to open to the energy within you and around you. Click on Tantra 101


Many Traditions and Religions speak of these fine cords to your dreams. Cut the ones to your nightmares and learn to build new ones to your happy future.

7 Wave Ceremony

Performed in the Ocean a Tibetan and Aztec Cleansing Ritual.


Native American women's ceremony which teaches the principles of female creative.

Burning Bowl

Found in Tibetan, Native American, Shamanism and Mystic Traditions
A wonderful technique to learn.

Mirror Meditation

A Shamanism meditation to help you quickly move through your fears.

Ola Lokaki Moon Water

Begin to see your angelic beings (On the Etheric).

What's on the reading list for today?    Waterdance on the Puna Coast 

Dawn Ceremony with Faith O'Neill


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